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Tenuta Monte Tomelon


Is the new entry of the estates of Cristiana Collection since 2015: 10 ha of which 4 are vineyards. A new challenge for Cristiana: toward biodynamic farming.


Tenuta Monte Tomelon is situated 500 mt above the level sea, almost on the peaks of Tomelon mountain. It is an ancient area of limestone quarry. The vineyards stand facing east and part of them are terraced for the high slope. This territory, Illasi Valley, is of outstanding beauty, with an ancient and complex geology. During the Mesozoic era this area was ocean floor and in that period where formed the oldest limestone. After the underwater volcanic eruptions, during the tertiary era, the ridges of the Alps and the pads of Lessinia took shape. Afterwards, during the ice age, enormous quantities of debris formed the moraine hills near the Garda lake and the Valpolicella valleys.Here the terroir offers many advantages for the vineyard: The Lessini Mountains are a natural barrier against the cold north winds, ventilation and altitude keep away the fog and the humidity of the Po Valley, the high daily temperature range is important for the grapes to develop the acidity necessary for the wine longevity. The soil Is also very important : the limestone rock, that generates powerful wines with rich aromas. In Tenuta Tomelon, in addition to organic farming certified method,we are integrating byodinamic practices in order to obtain the certification in few years.



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